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Work in progress

General Maintenance

Modelling Pages - 4mm locos, 4mm Carriages, O gauge Locos - still some models missing so please send some (anyone).

Updating photo list and add some extra fields on photo availability

Missing notes for passenger and goods locos still on their way

Zenfolio site - Passenger and Goods loco classes complete, Carriages and NPCS vehicles continue.

Update carriage displays and searches to include extra options such as Radial, WCJS, Clerestory and Full Brake.

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What’s New

Mystery no 207 - Not late,just resynchronizing weekends. »»
Previous events have own page. This is where page links to photos from previous events may be found. Link to Photos Modelling event from Kenilworth has been added »»
New table on events page showing summary of what when. Events page automatically updates as time goes by. »»
Mystery no 206 - at Crewe, but a long time ago ! »»
More 4mm modelling photos thanks to Peter Grinstead (not all done though). Locos, NPCS and wagons. »»
Updated Society events including details of new Coal Tank trip »»
One for the modellers to learn about - mystery no 205 »»
What a photo - mystery no 204 »»
Corrected links in older pages to new study centre pages. »»
Updated Society events with details of Kidderminster open day »»
An excellent mystery no. 203 »»
Corrected mistakes in carriage identification query (number of doors). Testing continues ! »»
Late again, well feels like it's Sunday. Anyway a Webb Compound in the mystery - at least they were nice looking engines »»
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