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Loco Coal Wagons of the LNWR

Loco Coal Wagons

Until 1883 all the company coal wagons were for departmental use and the majority of those in stock were designated “Loco Coal”. To avoid any confusion with identity of the names used in the various sources, I use only those quoted in the 1903 Wagon Diagram Book against each diagram number which is then used a shorthand for each type.

Diagram No.Name/ Description
64Loco Coal Wagon to carry 10tons
64ALoco Hopper Wagon to carry 10tons
64BLoco Hopper Wagon to carry 15tons
64C18ft. Loco Coal Wagon to carry 10tons
64D18ft. Loco Coal Wagon to carry 10tons - End Door
65Loco Coal Wagon, Steel Body & Frame, to carry 20tons

By the time of the 1919 Table there were 3052 10 ton Locomotive Coal wagons in stock, which were a mixture of 16ft and 18ft in length. That is to say a mixture of Diagrams 64, 64A, 64C and 64D. This source does not directly specify how many of each type. However, since 266 of them were fitted with oil filled axleboxes it seems likely that the remaining 2786 were the original 16ft, Diagram 64 wagons. Some 1935 LMS data [LMS Book of Pre-grouping Rolling Stock RAIL 422/52] is helpful in that it shows that only 125 D64 wagons were left in stock. Their demise would largely have been on account of their age but possibly accelerated by the increase in mechanical coaling plants throughout the LMS system. Only one D64A wagon was ever built and there is no further information about its subsequent history. According to the 1937 data there were 73 off D64C [18ft version of D64] wagons and 105 off D64D [18ft end door] wagons still in use by the LMS. Each of these types is described below.