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Hopper Wagons of the LNWR

Hopper Wagons

The sub-title "Hopper" was applied to nine different types of LNWR wagons. Many of the designs so recorded in the 1903 Wagon Diagram Book concerned relatively few vehicles, although apparently they warranted a separate identity in the book. A complete list of all nine designs is as follows:

Dia. No.Diagram Book DescriptionQuantity in
1919 list
28Hopper Coal Wagon (WEST CUM) 15ft 10tons53
29Hoppered Coke Wagon (WEST CUM) 16ft 10tons)
) 131
30Hopper Wagon, Railed for Coke (WEST CUM) 15ft 10tons
30ACoke Wagon, Hoppered (WEST CUM) 16ft 10tons
44Hopper Coal Wagon, 15ft 10tons (some ‘Cleator District’)1455
44AHopper Coal Wagon, 16ft 10tonsIncluded in above
64ALoco Hopper Wagon 16ft 10tons1
64BLoco Hopper Wagon 18ft 15tons568

In 1902, D28 “Coal Wagons W.C. District” and D29 & D30, “Coke Wagons W.C. District (Hoppered)”, amounted only to 53 and 131 wagons respectively compared with 1455 wagons to the D44 design. Consequently only D44 and D44A wagons will be considered further in this article together with Diagram 91, Hopper Wagon (Steel) for carrying Iron Ore. The 16ft 20 ton Loco Coal hopper wagons, Diagrams 64A, 64B are described under the Loco Coal wagon section. A more detailed article on all of these hopper style wagons was published in L&NWR Society Journal Vol.4 No.1, pages 16 to 23, June 2003 and Vol.4 No.2, pages 74-5, September 2003.