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Diagram 24 Fowler's Cattle Wagon

Minute book references tell of several examples of privately lettered company combination trucks hired to a private trader and running on the L&NWR. There is even evidence of a similar hiring arrangement for privately lettered Refrigerator Wagons [Diagram 46]. But the two D24 Fowler cattle wagons are the only known examples where a cattle dealer, Mr P.H. Fowler of Watford, had special vehicles built and lettered for his own use. G.P. Neale in his book Railway Reminiscences, page 281, records that Mr Fow1er had long been dissatisfied with the ordinary cattle trucks for the conveyance of his valuable livestock. The use of a horsebox was considered unsatisfactory because of possible damage to their fittings by the lime wash disinfectant. Mr Neale tells how he worked with Mr Fowler on the design and construction of these unique vehicles for his cattle.
Mr Percival Henry Fowler was a cattle dealer and importer of valuable Jersey and Guernsey cattle who had a cattle repository in St Albans Road, Watford close to Watford Junction station.
there were just two vehicles, which were built in 1884. No general arrangement drawing seems to have survived, neither is there a good quality photograph. The Diagram Book sketch reproduced below shows the main features of the vehicles in their original condition. Most copies of the Diagram Book have hand alterations indicating that the roof water tank and the internal fittings were removed at some subsequent stage. The only known photograph was published in the Railway Magazine Vol.8, p.401 1901. The extent of the lettering suggests that the sides were externally planked. The photograph gives the impression that the running gear was similar to that of Diagram 23, and they were probably fitted with vacuum pipes, but not brakes, for running in Express traffic. The running numbers were 49476 and 49477 and they lasted in Mr Fowler's service until 1912-13, when he retired from business. After this time 49476 was incorporated in the Diagram 23 special cattle wagon stock, while 49477 was broken up and renewed as a Diagram 26 'Cattle Wagon with Drovers Compartment

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