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Cattle Wagons of the LNWR

Cattle wagons

These were amongst the earliest specialised vehicles to be provided by all railway companies. As early as 1848, in a report to the L&NWR Board, Capt. Mark Huish, the General Manager, recorded the existence of 495 cattle wagons and 117 sheep vans and further references to cattle wagons are to be found widely in the company official minute books back into the 1850's. In particular these references chronicle improvements in their design such as the addition of roofs and the enclosure of the end planking. This review deals with the seven designs that are to be found in the 1903 'Wagon Diagram Book', as Diagrams 20 to 26 inclusive. The first three, Diagrams 20, 21, and 22 were conventional designs of cattle wagons having many common features with contemporary goods stock and were built in large numbers throughout the lifetime of the company. The remaining four designs, Diagrams 23 to 26 inclusive, were special vehicles for the transport of valuable prize cattle. Although officially listed as goods stock they were more akin, in use and external appearance, to horseboxes. They were painted in a similar lined livery and were fitted with vacuum brakes or pipes for running in passenger trains. A total of only 43 of these special vehicles were built to these four diagrams over the period 1884 to 1923. All except the D24 Fowler's wagons passed to the LMS in 1923 and some were later re-numbered among the LMS non-passenger coaching stock.