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Brake Vans of the LNWR

Diagram 93A 4-wheel 15ton Goods Brake Van, Hand & Vacuum Brake, single ended

These vacuum fitted Brake Vans are a single ended version of the double ended D93 design. Ten D93As were built in 1906 to Earlestown drawing no. 801 which survives as HMRS 1525 and is dated 6.1.06. They were needed to provide vacuum brake power on express goods trains dedicated to perishable traffic such as Refigerator vans, Meat vans and Fruit (Banana) vans, all of which were fitted with vacuum brakes or through pipes. Previously these trains had to have a passenger brake van on the end to control their vacuum brakes. The dimensions, length 20ft, width 7ft 8½in on a 12ft wheelbase, are identical to those of D93. The vertical vacuum cylinder operated clasp brakes on all four wheels, while the handbrake was operated by a handwheel on the verandah. The photograph below shows van no. 53 after a re-paint in November 1909. The livery is that adopted in February 1908 with the 16in high letters LNWR added to the two diamonds of the earlier livery. All ten vans had been built on revenue account and consequently had taken their numbers from the condemned earlier brake vans they replaced. These are recorded as 53 282, 326, 483, 504, 637, 866, 958, 978, 983. A further one was built in 1907 on capital account and carried the number 1693 which was the top of the capital stock of Goods Brake vans at that time.
In 1912 a new drawing was issued, Earlestown 890 which is preserved as HMRS 1527, and a further 15 vans to the D93A design were built on capital account. They were issued with new numbers at the top of the capital account list viz: 1726 to 1740. The minor differences between the two batches do not need to concern us in this short summary.
All 28 of these vans passed to the LMS in 1923 and records show that while ten were withdrawn before 1948, the other eighteen lasted until between 1948 and 1953, when they were over forty years old before they were withdrawn and broken up.


Shows sample photo of class, file name Diag93A.jpg NRM York. Earlestown Collection no. 77

This official photograph of van no. 53 dates from 1909. It was assigned to the Holyhead to Camden route but others would have been based at Birkenhead or Liverpool for meat traffic and Garston for the Elders and Fyffe’s Banana traffic.

Shows sample photo of class, file name Diag93A dwg.jpg HMRS 1525

The above drawing presents the side elevation from Earlestown general arrangement drawing no. 801, HMRS 1525. The detail shows how the vacuum brakes were arranged and the position of the hand brake wheel on the cabin bulkhead.