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Passenger Engines of the LNWR

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Passenger Engines of the LNWR



Development of this section of the web site has restarted.

All of the new data has been extracted from the excellent book by Ted Talbot - An Illustrated History of LNWR Engines. With his permission

Of course any errors will be of my own invention.



The objective of the section is to present the passenger locomotive classes of the LNWR almost in the style of an Observer's Book. It is intended particularly for anyone wishing to obtain an introduction into the Premier Line and its locomotives or as a quick reference for those with a little more knowledge.



Special notes :-

Wheel diameters are quoted as with tyres. Initialy this added an extra 4 and 1/2 inches but later 3 inches.

Modifications were made to all classes throughout their use. These tables refer to as built condition. With time additional pages may be added to describe major changes

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