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Passenger Engines

Introduction To Passenger Engines of the LNWR

Welcome to newly revamped area. It has a modified format, extra photos (all with captions) and additional data. Nearly all of the data has been extracted from the excellent book by Ted Talbot: “An Illustrated History of LNWR Engines”. With his permission. Of course any errors will be of my own creation.
The objective, of the section, is to present summary information of each class and useful dimensions with a photograph of a typical example. Notes giving a background to each class have been completed for almost all classes. Additional volunteers to provide the remaining notes are welcome to contact me, as is anyone willing to edit this introductory page into readable english.
It can be used as a quick reference, or a starter point to learn about all these locomotives.

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Special notes

Wheel diameters are an interesting topic, to get an explanation of how they are described by the LNWR download the following article supplied by Ted Talbot. Download LNWR Wheels Explanation PDF

Chimney sizes have been extracted from an article by G.H. Platt, titled L.&N.W.R Prototype Drawings. Part II - Boiler Mountings. The article appeared in The Model Railway Constructor Jan 1944.

Modifications were made to all classes throughout their use. These tables refer to their “as built” condition. With time additional pages may be added to cover major changes.
Many of you will notice some locomotive classes do not have the full list of attributes. After quietly voicing your opinion, then searching for the required data item why not send me an email (via Webb Master address shown below) with the information and source. Of course if you enjoy such research then go-ahead and fill in as many gaps as you wish.

Special thanks go to Ted Talbot, Mike Williams and Peter Stanton for information and advice on this section.