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Passenger Locomotives - Teutonic

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No. 1304 'JEANIE DEANS' Standing by the shed office building. 'Teutonic' No. 1307 COPTIC parked beyond the tender. Northlight shed entrance in background. Shrewsbury steam shed.

The ‘Teutonic’ was developed from the ‘Dreadnought’ class, and became the most successful and, when built, the largest of F.W. Webb’s 2-2-2-0 three-cylinder compounds. Using the same boiler, they had 7ft 1in driving wheels (compared with 6ft 3in on the ‘Dreadnoughts’). The reversers for the two outside high-pressure cylinders, and the one inside low-pressure cylinder were linked, so that the driver could adjust one independently of the other. The axle boxes were lubricated by oil instead of grease, a feature introduced on the class. All except “Jeanie Deans” were named after ships of the White Star Line. “Pacific”, the third of the class, was originally built as a triple expansion compound but was soon converted to conform with the rest of the class.

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    Main Statistics

    Storage TypeTender
    Water Capacity1800 gallons
    Wheel Arrangement2-2-2-0
    Size Leading (2 3/4 to 3 in)4ft lin
    Number Spokes Leading12
    Size Driving (2 3/4 in)7ft 1in
    Number Spokes Drivers22
    Size Trailing (2 3/4 in)3ft 9in
    Tender Wheel3ft 9in
    Number of Spokes Tender10
    Wheel Base8ft 5in + 9ft 8in

    Chimney Height2ft 10ins
    Boiler Pressure175psi
    Grate Area20.5sq ft
    Number of Tubes1 220sq ft
    Heating Area1379sq ft
    CylindersThree: 14in dia (O) 30in dia (I)
    Cylinders Stroke24in
    Weight45tons 10cwt
    CMEMr. F.W. Webb
    Number Built10

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