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No. 2222 'SIR GILBERT CLAUGHTON' Lined grey. Posed when new, with background painted out. 27-Feb-1913. Crewe Official

A class of large 4-6-0 express passenger engines introduced in 1913 with 6ft 9in driving wheels and four cylinders: two inside and two outside the frames. The first engine was named after the LNWR”s chairman Sir Gilbert Claughton.

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    Main Statistics

    Storage TypeTender
    Water Capacity3000
    Coal Capacity6 tons
    Wheel Arrangement4-6-0
    Size Leading (2 3/4 to 3 in)3ft 3in
    Number Spokes Leading10
    Size Driving (2 3/4 in)6ft 9in
    Number Spokes Drivers20
    Tender Wheel3ft 9in
    Number of Spokes Tender10

    Boiler Pressure175psi
    Grate Area30.5sq ft
    Number of Tubes1574.2sq ft
    Heating Area2128sq ft
    CylindersFour: 15in dia
    Cylinders Stroke26in
    Weight77tons 15cwt
    CMEMr. C.J.B. Cooke
    Number Built127

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