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London & North Western Railway Society
Passenger Engines

Passenger Class Locomotives
CME Year Built Class
Mr F Trevithick 1843 6ft 2-2-2
Mr F Trevithick 1847 Cornwall
Mr J.E. McConnell 1851 Large Bloomer
Mr J.E. McConnell 1852 Patent
Mr F Trevithick 1853 7ft 2-2-2
Mr J.E. McConnell 1854 Small Bloomer
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1859 Problem
Mr. J.E. McConnell 1861 H Special Bloomers
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1863 Samson
Mr. J. Ramsbottom 1866 Newton
Mr. F.W. Webb 1874 Precedent
Mr. F.W. Webb 1874 Precursor
Mr. F.W. Webb 1876 2-4-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1879 4ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1882 Experiment
Mr. F.W. Webb 1884 Dreadnought
Mr. F.W. Webb 1884 First Comp. 4-2-2-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1885 Second Comp. 2-2-2-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Third Comp. 2-2-2-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Fourth Comp. 2-2-4-0 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1887 Improved Precedent
Mr. F.W. Webb 1889 Teutonic
Mr. F.W. Webb 1889 Whitworth
Mr. F.W. Webb 1890 5ft 6in 2-4-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1891 Greater Britain
Mr. F.W. Webb 1894 John Hick
Mr. F.W. Webb 1897 Jubilee
Mr. F.W. Webb 1898 5ft 3in 0-6-2 Tank
Mr. F.W. Webb 1901 Alfred the Great
Mr. George Whale 1903 Benbow
Mr. George Whale 1904 Precursor
Mr. George Whale 1905 Experiment
Mr. George Whale 1906 6ft Four-coupled Tank
Mr. George Whale 1908 Renown
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1910 George the Fifth
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1910 Superheater 4-6-2 Tank
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1911 Prince of Wales
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1913 Claughton
Mr. C.J.B. Cooke 1915 Prospero