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The A4 black and white newsletter is part of the quarterly mailing to members, and is called The Newsletter, just as the journal is called The Journal. The items in The Newsletter are mainly supplied by the members themselves, and contributions are welcomed from anyone. The Newsletter aims to cover the social and administration side of the Society.

A typical issue may contain:

  *   Advance notice of events and meetings
  *   Members letters
  *   Prototype information (about happenings on the modern railway with LNWR connections)
  *   Press Digest of recent magazine articles with LNWR interest
  *   Queries and requests for help on research
  *   Railway reminiscences
  *   Book notices and reviews
  *   Model product news
  *   Report on last Committee meeting, and news of Society services
  *   News of Library acquisitions and relic acquisitions
  *   Society sales information
  *   New members details and changes of address
  *   Photos of events and meetings
  *   Members’ sales and wants
  *   Obituaries

Here are a couple of sample pages chosen at random from a recent edition.

  Example Newsletter Page   Example Newsletter page  

Click on images for bigger pictures.

Publication schedule

Issues are sent to members early in the months of March, June, September and December.

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