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Power and Reward 1922

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Ted Talbot

Researching at the PRO recently I came across the item below which makes it clear who got power in the LNWR – LYR merger and was not afraid to use it.

The minutes of the meeting of the LMS Rolling Stock and Locomotive and Electrical Committee on 23rd July 1924, include the following:

The General Manager referred to the fact that the salary of Mr. H.P.M. Beames, the Mechanical Engineer at Crewe, was reduced in accordance with Board Minute No.29618 of 5th December 1921 from £3000 to £2000 per annum, and that of Mr. F.A.C. Leigh, Electrical Engineer (Western Division) from £2500 to £2000 per annum, owing to lessened responsibilities in consequence of the new organisation on the amalgamation of the LNW and L&Y companies.






He explained that while a solatium† of one year’s loss had been paid to both officers and while Mr. Beames’ salary had been increased from £2000 to £2500 per annum, as from 1st January 1923, they naturally felt some little grievance and in as much as, apart from responsibility, they were carrying out the same duties as formerly, he recommended that their salaries be reinstated on the former basis.

He further stated that in addition to the solatium a special allowance had been made to Mr. Beames of a sum in the neighbourhood of £200 per annum for the upkeep of his house and grounds since his salary was reduced, and this would, of course, cease on reinstatement.

solatium – formal a thing given as a compensation or consolation.
ORIGIN C19: from L., lit. solace.

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