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Charter Day at Watford (Photographs)

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The hoarding on this lorry reads “This vehicle connects the railway with your door” and on the back is a short section of track. The fleet number of the lorry is not quite readable, but it could be a pre-war Thorneycroft. It is assumed that the livery follows that of goods railway wagons: grey with white lettering, but perhaps a member can confirm this?

  A pre-war Thorneycroft

Four horses hauling an industrial boiler  

Four horses hauling an industrial boiler, on which is written “LNWR we lead, trade follows”.

A heavier flat bed lorry than the first picture, but possibly also a Thorneycroft. The board reads “For quick transit and prompt delivery of goods and merchandise write(?) ^ phone your orders for collection to Goods Agent, Watford”.

  a Thorneycroft flat bed lorry

Ford parcels delivery lorry  

Ford parcels delivery lorry, fleet number 85D. The livery is similar to that carried by railway carriages and makes the previous goods lorries look rather plain and stark.

Two horses pulling a long wagon, on which is carried one of the magnificent quarter-size models of a 12-wheeled Dining Saloon which is now in the National Railway Museum. The wagon looks to be an extendible limber wagon.

  Two horses pulling a long wagon

A single horse lurry  

A single horse lurry carrying a model of an LNWR ship. The LNWR had a number of these ship models, along with the carriages, but their current whereabouts is not certain. There is a similar model in the Transport Museum at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, but does anyone know If that model was one of those commissioned by the LNWR?

See also Letters page for further information.

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