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Extant LNWR Stock

Here we list Webb sites of places with extant LNWR rolling stock. Often the Webb site does not display the vehicle, but at least you have contact details etc.
The links on this page go to other hosts and are beyond the control of the LNWR Society.
The Society does not endorse these Companies/Products, and the brief description has been obtained from their web site — caveat emptor (the principle that the buyer is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before purchase).
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50ft ex-LNWR carriage at Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
Carriage (DN&GR) Ulster Folk and Transport Museum - beautifully restored - built by the LNWR at Wolverton.
Carriage (Manchester & Birmingham Railway) at Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.
Coal Tank at Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
D17 goods brake van at Severn Valley Railway.
LNWR Brake Van D.17B 20 Ton East Somerset Railway. Built by the LNWR as a standard 20-ton Diagram 17B unfitted brake van with a 10ft wheel base and an overall length of 18ft. When built, both the cabin and the verandah ends of this vehicle were glazed with a two-paned central window with a four-paned window on each side, and these, together with the small windows in the cabin sides, led to these vans becoming known as “Crystal Palace” brake vans, since no other vans on the LNWR had so much glass.
D88 goods van at Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
D88 goods van at Severn Valley Railway.
McConnell engine at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
LNWR Observation Car 1503 Web page for LNWR Observation Car No. 1503, built in 1913, and operating on the Bluebell Railway
PLANET engine (replica) at Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.
Semi-Royal Saloon 806 Semi-Royal Saloon, built in 1903 as No.74, later re-numbered 806. Now operational and used for public dining trains on the Bluebell Railway.
Slate Wagons at Llanberis museum.
Wrights carriages at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.