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From the smallest to the largest (well not life size) gauges. Did you know there were so many?
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2mm Scale Association The 2mm Scale Association exists to promote and facilitate modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. The scale has a long history as the smallest practical finescale standard.
N Gauge Society The Society’s aims then, as now were to promote the gauge and encourage active participation in N gauge railway modelling.
3mm Society The Society’s Charter stated that it would cater for all aspects of 3mm scale modelling. These ideals pertain today, 32 years later.
The British 1:87 Scale Society The British 1:87 Scale Society. We model the railways and byways of Britain using the international H0 system.
The Double O Gauge Association We are the organisation catering for both new and veteran railway modellers working in 4mm scale using a track gauge of 16.5mm – the most common for models of UK prototypes.
The E.M. Gauge Society Ltd. The EMGS is the largest of the Model Railway Societies catering for the needs of modellers in 4mm fine scale railway modelling.
Proto:87 Special Interest Group (SIG) The Proto:87 SIG is a non-profit group whose goal is to develop and promote practical and reliable standards and construction techniques for high-fidelity wheels and track in HO scale.
The ScaleFour Society The ScaleFour Society caters for railway modellers working in the scale of 4mm to 1ft (1:76.2) who want to achieve the most accurate and realistic models they can.
S Scale Model Railway Society S scale is 1:64th full size, or 3/16 inch to 1 foot and is the only modelling scale not to mix metric and imperial units of measurement. The standard track gauge is 0.884 inch and scale wheel profiles and track standards are used.
7mm Narrow Gauge Association We are an association of scale model railway enthusiasts whose aim is to encourage the modelling of narrow gauge railways at a scale of 7mm to 1 foot (1:43) or thereabouts, lot of our members use 16.5mm gauge as their standard.
Gauge 0 Guild Welcome to the Gauge 0 Guild – an organisation, run by, and for, members to encourage and assist the development of 0 Gauge railway modelling.
The 009 Society We aim to cater for all aspects of small scale narrow gauge railway modelling, both for the beginner and the experienced modeller alike, for the scratch builder. the kit builder and the modeller who prefers proprietary ready to run equipment. Whether you are an active modeller or an armchair modeller, you will find a welcome in the 009 SOCIETY.
The G Scale Society Founded in 1987, the Society now has hundreds of members in the UK and overseas. It caters for all modellers working in G Scale and has a liberal approach, believing that enjoyment is just as important as rivet-counting.
Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers We run narrow gauge trains in the scale of 1:19 which represents 16mm: 1ft running on O gauge (32mm) track giving a prototype 2ft gauge or 45mm gauge representing 3ft gauge prototypes.
The Association of Larger Scale Railway Modellers The Association has the express aim of keeping modellers in touch with the trade and trade in touch with the modellers. The Association is non-political, open to anyone interested in model railways in the larger scales S, 0, 1, G and upwards, be it electric, steam, clockwork etc. We are not a replacement for any existing societies, groups, clubs etc. but believe we compliment them.
The Gauge One Model Railway Association The Association caters for all scales using the 45mm track gauge, the most usual for models of standard gauge locomotives and rolling stock being close to 1:30 full size (10mm/foot) and the slightly smaller 1:32 full size (3/8in/foot, 9.5mm/foot).
The Gauge '3' Society founded on the 28th April 1990 by a small group of Gauge 3 (G3) enthusiasts, who wanted to keep 2½in alive as the largest scale for standard gauge scenic model railways.
National 2½in Gauge Association A group promoting the engineering of live steam passenger-hauling model locomotives
7¼in Gauge Society The main aim is to act as a communication channel between the growing number of people working in this gauge. The membership covers those with interests in Standard and Narrow Gauge railways both prototype and freelance. The Society has members living in many countries, and in various parts of the world the gauge of 7½” is used and there are members using this size who contribute to the Society.