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This page is a list of groups who study railway related issues with specific focus on LNWR interest. A few general railway study groups are also listed as they have some LNWR content.
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Branch Line Society Since 1955 the Branch Line Society has been the main British group for people with a special interest in railway geography and infrastructure, and in railway by-ways in particular.
Caledonian Railway Association Since the Caledonian Railway was the LNWR’s Scottish partner in the West Coast Main Line the Caledonian Railway Association has much relevance to researchers of the LNWR especially those with an interest in the ‘main line’.
Closed Railway Sations People have always had a fascination with disused railway lines and stations. Following the opening of the first railway lines in the 1820’s, stations have been closing; many in the last century because they were resited to a more suitable location. This is particularly true in London where many of the London termini were originally built some distance short of their present site.
Computerised Railway Magazine Index (CRMI) Computerised Railway Magazine Index (CRMI) was started originally due to my need to organise my personal collection of railway related magazines and books. It was meant to be a tool for my own uses, to aid me in finding relevant information I needed for a modelling project.
Crewe North Junction group The current Crewe North Junction signal box was built to replace the former LNWR Structure in 1940, part of which is still standing. The Box also houses several interesting LNWR artifacts.
Cumbrian Railways Association The Cumbrian Railways Association was formed in 1976 in order to foster a widening interest in the fascinating history of the railways of Cumbria.
Glasgow & South Western Railway Association The Association was founded in 1964 and brings together those with an interest in this compact and characterful railway company.
Glossarist Railway Dictionary If you are looking for definitions of technical, professional, specialist terms in any subject this is the place to go.
Great Eastern Railway Society Whether your East Anglian railway interests are architectural, family history, historical, modelling, modern day operations, etc, etc. the Society caters for all tastes so please browse to see how the Great Eastern Railway Society (GERS) can help you.
Great Northern Railway Society The official web site of the Great Northern Railway Society. We foster interest in, and to record and preserve the history of the Great Northern Railway, including its predecessors and successors.
Heritage Railway Association A guide to the entire heritage railway scene in the UK, including details of special events and operating days for all steam railways.
Historical Model Railway Society (HMRS) Here it is - the definitive information source on Britain’s long and varied railway history, from the very beginning to the present day. The HMRS gathers, and distributes historical information, to allow you to build historically accurate models.
Industrial Locomotive Society The principal aim of the Society is to record the fullest possible information about locomotives other than those operating on Main Line railways and larger passenger carrying light railways.
Institute of Railway Studies Pursue excellence in teaching, research and scholarship in order to advance learning and knowledge of the history and heritage of railways.
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society aims to bring together all those with an interest in the “Lanky” whether in historical research or modelling.
Llandudno Junction Llandudno Junction steam locomotive and carriage shed (1899-2000). A nostalgic site dedicated to the memory of 6G - a motive power depot in North Wales.
LMS Carriage Association The Association’s aims are not simply to own, repair and operate carriages of LMS design but also to foster an appreciation of LMS carriages amongst other enthusiasts with similar interests.
The LMS Society The LMS Society was founded in 1963 by a small group of dedicated model makers whose main aim was to find out as much accurate and original information as possible about the subject of their interest in the London Midland and Scottish Railway, so as to enable the construction of accurate and definitive models, be they static or working, not only for themselves, but also for the wider modelling fraternity.
LNWR Chat Group Discussions about the London and North Western Railway, from the earliest days, right through to current times.
Maryport and Carlisle Railway - Bolton Loop In 1862 the Maryport and Carlisle Railway Company secured an act to construct the "Bolton Loop" from Aspatria to Aikbank Junction.
mda mda gives advice to people who want to know how to document their collections and the information that goes with them.
We work with museums and other organisations that use historical material making sure that they know how to make the most of collections and their associated knowledge.
National Railway Museum (NRM) We are home to a wide range of railway icons and literally millions of artefacts, from Mallard – the world’s fastest steam locomotive – to a lock of Robert Stephenson’s hair.
North British Locomotive Society The Society (NBLS) is interested in the erstwhile North British Locomotive Company (NBLC Explain 'North British Locomotive Company') which was based in Glasgow, Scotland. The Company built a variety of locomotives not only for the home market but also for various gauges throughout the world.
North Eastern Railway Association The North Eastern Railway Association was founded in 1961 as a focal point for interest in the North Eastern Railway, its predecessors, its contemporaries and its successors.
North London Railway Historical Society The NLRHS was conceived in 1989 by a small group of people who were concerned that although the NLR had many followers, there was no specific forum for them to meet and exchange information. A short mention in the Railway magazine led to an inaugural meeting in October 1990, presided over by the late Michael Robbins, author of the only history of the line then available. The society has since expanded to some 75 members, including several well-known authors and historians as well as a number of professional railwaymen.
North Staffordshire Railway Study Group Formed in October 1995 to bring together people with an interest in the North Staffordshire Railway in order to increase the knowledge of the railway, and to improve the understanding of the role of the railway within the community it served.
PROCAT This is the Public Record Office's online catalogue of archives of central government, courts of law and other national bodies. (includes railway documents, including LNWR material)
The Railway & Canal Historical Society Founded in 1954 to bring together all those interested in the history of transport, with particular reference to railways and waterways, its main objects are to promote historical research and to raise the standard of published history.
Railways in Wales An independent survey of railways in Wales and the tourist attractions they serve.
RCH Maps and Junction Diagrams The Railway Clearing House (RCH) Maps and Junction Diagrams are among the most fascinating source materials for British railway historians.
Scottish Railways and Steamers by Ewan Crawford This website presents a history of Scotland’s railways. Lines are referred to by the original company name. Includes detailed maps of most Railway lines.
The Signal Box This web site is the first to have been developed on the specific subject of British railway signalling practice. The emphasis is on the older, mechanical signalling — that worked by mechanical levers and with signals that go up and down.
Signalling Record Society Founded 1969 for the study of Railway Signalling in the British Isles and Overseas.
Steam Index A wealth of information on Steam, the machines and the people.
Steam Index Access to information about steam locomotives and the railways on which they worked — articles in magazine and books, biographical information: Stephensons to Bullied.
Stephenson Locomotive Society The Stephenson Locomotive Society, founded in 1909, is the premier society for the study of railways and locomotion. It has an extensive library; publishes books, the S.L.S. Journal and items from its photographic and drawings collection; organises local meetings and events; has its own archive material in museums.
The Transport Archive The Transport Archive tells the story of Britain's transport system since the eighteenth century. Using several thousand images, it shows how waterways, railways and aviation have changed our lives.
The Transport Trust The Transport Trust is the United Kingdom’s only national charity established to promote and encourage the preservation and restoration of Britain’s transport heritage for the benefit of the nation. Our remit includes all forms of road, rail, air and waterborne transport.
Vintage Carriages Trust Here, we tell you everything you’d like to know about the Trust, its Museum, its Shops, its collection (locomotives and a Scammell ‘mechanical horse’ as well as carriages).
Welsh Railways Research Circle The Welsh Railways Research Circle (WRRC) aims to bring together researchers and modellers who are interested not only in the main line and branch railways of Wales and the Border Counties, but also the tramways, tramroads across the Principality.