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The Journal

The Journal is the LNWR Society's premier publication.

This quality A4 magazine is sent free to members four times a year. The Journal normally has about 40 pages with photographs, maps, drawings and colour where appropriate. The Editor encourages contributions from both members and non-members, with as broad a range of topics as possible, while staying focused on the London & North Western Railway.

Here is an example front cover, and a couple of inside pages chosen at random.

  Example Journal front cover   Example Journal page   Example Journal page  

Click on images for bigger pictures.

Indexes for the following editions are available:

Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5

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Back numbers of the Journal are available, but some issues sell out quickly. For availability and mail order information, consult your Members' Newsletter or email the Distribution Officer.

We welcome feedback on all matters. Email the Journal Editor.

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