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Goods Engines of LNWR

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These pages were originally developed for an exhibition at the The Railway Age, Crewe Heritage Centre in 2000. The display was aimed at families, so it avoided technical discussions. The Exhibition included text, photographs and some models. These pages have been further developed with more information and photographs.

  • We consider why Goods Traffic was held to be important.
  • We get a better insight into the Goods Engine, by considering the work they had to perform.
  • We review the ideal characteristics for a Shunting Engine,
  • and the ideal characteristics for Long Distance goods work.
  • We have tables showing details of a number of LNWR Goods Engine Classes.

The railways used many common words in strange ways, so words with specific railway connotations are flagged with a blue diamond  Explain 'Bell Code', which you can click on to see what the word means. Use your browser’s back button to return to the exhibition.

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