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Goods Locomotives - ROD 2-8-0 Consolidation MM class

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No. 2400 Standing in the yard. Engineers' wagons and the end of the carriage shed in background. Crewe South steam shed. C1924.

In common with many railways, after the First World War the LNW purchased thirty 2-8-0’s which had been ordered for use by the Railway Operating Division (ROD ) on the Western Front. Previously 151 had been hired from 1919-1921. They were classed ‘MM’s’ after the Ministry of Munitions which had ordered them but enginemen irreverently named them ‘Military Mary’s’. There was not thought to have been a specific Mary, simply a play on words, unless they were a Mary ‘quite contrary’. The design had originally come from the Great Central Railway (8K class) and had been chosen for mass production during the war for its power and ruggedness. With two 21in diameter outside cylinders, 153 sq.ft. grate area, 180 psi boiler pressure and eight 4ft 8in driving wheels it was a powerful engine for the time. Not such an effeminate Mary, then.

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    Main Statistics

    Name on GA Drawing or Weight Diagram2-8-0 ENGINE CONSOLIDATION TYPE
    NicknameMilitary Mary
    Storage TypeTender
    Water Capacity4000 gallons
    Coal Capacity7 tons
    Wheel Arrangement2-8-0
    Size Leading (2 3/4 in)3ft 6in
    Size Driving (2 3/4 in)4ft 8in
    Wheel Base8ft 4in - 5ft 8in + 5ft 5,in + 5ft 11in
    Total Wheel Base17ft 1in

    Boiler4ft 8in diameter, 15ft 0in long
    Boiler Pressure180 psi
    Grate Area26.25 sq.ft.
    Heating Area1,756 sq.ft.
    CylindersTwo outside 21in diameter
    Cylinders Stroke26in
    Weight73 tons 17 cwt
    CMEGreat Central Rly
    Number Built30 + 151