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Glossary Results for Word "‘DX’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class"

‘DX’ 0-6-0 Locomotive Class The ‘DX’ 0-6-0s were designed by John RamsbottomExplain 'Ramsbottom, John (1814—1897)', and incorporated all the usual Ramsbottom features; his own design of chimney top, safety valvesExplain 'Ramsbottom Safety-Valve' and screw reverseExplain 'Screw Reverse', horizontal smoke boxExplain 'Smoke Box' door, coupling rodsExplain 'Coupling Rods' with split ends and wedge adjustment, slotted splashersExplain 'Splasher' wooden buffer beamsExplain 'Buffer Beam' and brake blocksExplain 'Brake Blocks', no brakes on the engine and green livery lined in black. View more details