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Telegraph Codes - Lost & Search

Lost a consigment? — Found a strange package on your platform? — Urgently need wagons? — this section of the Telegraph code book is where you would head.

Code Interpretation
Rhone Have you received the following __ Wire reply.
Pike Following missing. Have you any trace. If so, send to __.
Elephant Can you trace receiving the following on or about the date given? If so, say how disposed of.
Nile Following not to hand.
Hudson Following since to hand.
Cormorant Your enquiry respecting following not being to hand. Forwarded from here, as under. I trace; wire me immediately received.
Servia Certainly sent you; have further search made, and wire result.
Datum The under mentioned not received. Wire date and train sent.
Gorilla Following not received. Say if any trace passing your station, and how disposed of, or trace forward.
Harrier Not received. Same remark from transfer station. Trace forward.
Laburnum Wire full particulars of for- warding following, giving date, reference to invoice, etc.
Albany Wire time and date and where following were handed to under mentioned Company.
Spinach Let me know how you have disposed of the following, or if still on hand.
Fingoose No trace of forwarding the following __.
Fox Following said to have been sent you on or about under mentioned date by station named. Wire particulars of receipt and proof of delivery if effected.
Giraffe Following sent you in wagon named said not to hand at destination. Say how disposed of by you and trace forward.
Chicken Following missing, urgently wanted. Have special enquiries made and if with you forward immediately and reply.
Rudd Following missing from train named, said last seen at your station. Send to__.
Wolf Following which left under mentioned station on date named is urgently wanted. If with you, forward to__ Reply.
Quail Following on hand at station named without address. Wire if you can trace passing, or if wanted by you.
Ermine Following not wanted here.
Cygnet Following invoiced from you not to hand. Wire date, train, truck, and to what point sent, and trace forward.
Mullet Following entered per our invoice (or waybill) said not delivered. Give date, proof of delivery, and explanation of any delay.
Eider Following said handed you by the under mentioned have not reached destination. Trace forward by wire, and advise me result with full particulars. If necessary see Senders.
Starfish Following said left on your platform. Send to station named. Reply.
Plat Following goods found on our platform without account. If from you wire instructions.
Sardine The under mentioned is here. Are you short of it.
Russia The under mentioned is here, and will be sent.
Foam Have you any enquiry for __.
Dee Make careful search and enquiry at your station for __.
Spain Search for under mentioned, and, if found, send as under and reply. (State train, class of carriage, brake van or luggage compartment).
Dove Wagon, number given below, from station named, sent away as an empty, contains the following. If with you, dispose of as follows, and reply.
Elk We sent you in error on date named the following. Forward with all speed to the following station.
Orwell Not to hand. Send copy first train.
Congo The following returns not to hand. Send by next train, and write explaining delay, or, if sent, forward copy.
Bactris Wire if any mark or anything to indicate sender.
Chicory Cannot trace delivery. Wire full description, marks, and contents, and say who complains.
Stag Give marks and numbers, and send all labels.
Woodbine Marks and numbers are.
Chancel Following wagons have arrived without labels. Wire consignee and destination.
Baffle Nothing to indicate sender or consignee.
Affix Not addressed or labelled.
Waglab Following wagon on hand here with conflicting labels as under. Wire correct consignee and destination.
Notlab Following wagon (or wagons) on hand without labels. Are you short of it, or can you trace forwarding from your district.
Salad Following entered to you and supposed to have been crossed in transit. See consignee, and ascertain if you received and delivered correct marks and numbers, and wire me.

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