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Identify a Carriage

Note :- The list of options and database records have been expanded to include more carriage types and features. Some errors have been corrected but inevitably new ones will have crept in. We would really appreciate notification of any errors you find and any comments about the changes. The Webb Master link at the bottom of this page may be used to inform of any errors or comments.

This page facilitates identification of an LNWR carriage, typically in a photograph. Please supply as much information as you can. If you supply a door count then include only the doors used by passengers. Exclude guard's doors and luggage compartment doors. In a non-corridor vehicle this usually equates to the number of passenger compartments. This is also often the case in the compartment-side view of a corridor vehicle.

Roof StyleCorridor? Brake? Door Count
Any Either Any # Any
Arc Roof Non-corridor Not a brake # Compartments
Cove Roof Corridor End Brake # Corr Side Doors
Clerestory     Centre Brake # Comp Doors
Elliptical     Double-ended # Items
Eliptical Toplight    Full Brake   
Non-WCJS WCJS only Either   
Bogie Radial Either