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Introduction Carriage Diagrams

LNWR Carriage Diagrams Introduction

The information in these pages is derived from David Jenkinson's An Illustrated History of L.N.W.R. Coaches and L&NWR Non-Corridor Carriages by Philip A. Millard and Ian Tattersall. These books in turn used information from the the 1915 Diagram Book. Earlier Diagram Books (1895 and 1903) had different page numbers for the same vehicles (ignoring the considerable further complexities of changes in compartment class designations). Some vehicles disappeared before 1915 and only appear in the earlier books. Relating these earlier books to the 1915 one is not at all easy.

Diagram lists various roof types for Corridor and Non-Corridor Carriages start with Clerestory roof stock, through arc, cove and elliptical roof to toplight are available here :-
Types by Roof

Diagram lists various types of Corridor and Non-Corridor Carriages - First, Third etc - may be accessed here :-
Diagrams by Class

Diagrams are listed in ascending order of diagram number within groups of carriage lengths. For convenience the BR carriage notation system is used as a convenient shorthand to identify vehicle types though this system wasn't of course used by the LNWR. For example TK denotes a Corridor Third, BCK a Corridor Brake Composite, T a non-Corridor Third, and so on.
Where relevant West Coast Joint Stock carriage Diagrams are included in these lists in separate tables.

If you want to identify a particular carriage, typically this would be in a photograph, then you may find the following page useful :-
Carriage Identification
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