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Bygone Lines of the LNWR

Bygone Lines of the London & North Western Railway

This section of the web site site exists to provide details of lines which are now closed but which once belonged to the LNWR.
The material comes courtesy of Ralph Rawlinson and is that which has been supplied by Ralph to the Bygone_Lines_UK Yahoo! Group. We are grateful to Ralph for the use of this material. Anyone who wishes to learn more about a particular closed line of the former LNWR including joint lines (or any other company for that matter), is invited to join Bygone Lines. You can subscribe (your full name and the town where you live will be required) by sending an email to Bygone Lines but be sure to choose to receive individual emails as a large number of photos, maps and timetables are posted which cannot be viewed if you opt for daily digest or web only. Mentioning that you are a member the LNWRS will speed up your acceptance.

LNWR Bygone Lines

This section of the web site will be updated when further information becomes available and when time permits the addition of material from the backlog of postings to the two groups.