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LNWR HOLLAND ARMS - RED WHARF BAY (Single line 6¾ miles)

1.7.1909 Holland Arms - Pentraeth;
24.5.1909 Pentraeth - Red Wharf Bay
(Pass) 22.9.1930
(Gds) 3.4.1950
Holland Arms (closed 1952), Ceint, Rhyd Y Saint, Pentraeth, Llanbedrgoch, Red Wharf Bay & Benllech

The Red Wharf Bay & Benllech Railway opened as a light railway with the passenger trains operated by LNWR rail motors. When first opened there were six trains on weekdays but it only lasted for twenty-one years being withdrawn by the LMS when they had their purge of all unprofitable branches in 1930. It did, however, remain open for Summer Saturday specials until 1939 and for goods traffic until 1950.

Route - when open
The branch diverged from the line to Amlwch at Holland Arms station (SH471726) on the Bangor - Holyhead road (A5). It then followed a fairly straight course up a shallow valley for five miles to Pentraeth where it turned north and after twice passing under the A5025 reached the terminus at Red Wharf Bay & Benllech (SH521813) located half a mile from the bay and a good mile from the village of Benllech.

Route - today
Details of walkable sections and obstructions required.

No trace of any station except Holland Arms where the station buildings are used as offices and the yard as a coal store.

Details of bridges intact/demolished required.

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