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(Gds) 2.3.1884
(Pass) 2.6.1884
(Pass) 18.1.1965
(Gds) 17.1.1969
Kenilworth (opened 1844); Dockers Lane (opened 1838) r/n 1853 Berkswell r/n 1928 Berkswell & Balsall Common r/n by BR Berkswell.

History This line was planned by the LNWR as an alternative route in competition with the GWR between Leamington and Birmingham. In 1910 six trains used the line on weekdays, two being Rugby - Birmingham via Leamington services but just one in B.R. days. A greater use was made by freight (as it avoided Coventry and the WCML at Rugby) until it closed completely in 1969. The original route between Leamington and Coventry was used after closure and cross-country trains still use this single line.

Route when
It left the Leamington - Coventry line at Kenilworth Junction (SP298731) and swung NW over Coventry Road (A46 now A429). After four miles it Joined the Coventry - Birmingham line at Berkswell Junction (SP247775).

Route today
Most of the line has been converted into a walkway, 'The Kenilworth Greenway', which in turn is part of the 'Coventry Way'. It starts from Coventry Road in Crackley and ends where it is crossed by a public footpath about ¾ mile east of Berkswell station although a path continues along the trackbed and it may be possible to exit through the station car park at Berkswell.

The Crackley Lane bridge (SP287742) looking north-east.            © Ralph Rawlinson

Kenilworth (south of Kenilworth Jn) demolished - site occupied by builders merchant and housing but plans for a new station are well advanced; Berkswell still open (Coventry - Birmingham line)

Bridge over Coventry Road (A429) in Crackley demolished; all other bridges intact.
At the time of writing the Government's announcement of its preferred route for the HS2 London-Birmingham route envisages the former Great Central trackbed being used from near Aylesbury to a point just north of Brackley. Study of the route map also suggests that the trackbed of the Kenilworth to Berkswell line may also be used.

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